AMK Films logo featuring a stylized film reel, camera, and film slate, representing our video production company specializing in film, TV, commercials, drones, and aerial cinematography.

About Us

Crafting Cinematic Stories:
Where Imagination Takes Flight

Welcome to AMK Films, where we transform your distinctive vision into a captivating reality. We specialize in providing comprehensive production services and unique camera solutions, setting us apart from the ordinary. Based in the heart of Los Angeles, CA, for over a decade, we’ve proudly collaborated with industry titans such as Disney, Netflix, Shell, and Nat Geo.

Our Specialties:

At AMK Films, we go beyond the conventional. Our repertoire includes aerial shots, camera-mounted vehicles, and a diverse range of innovative techniques that bring a fresh and unique perspective to your project. We pride ourselves on being more than just a production company; we’re storytellers who craft immersive experiences.

Creative Collaboration:

Your creative journey is our priority. Our teams possess the creative expertise to help you conceptualize stunning shot designs. From coordinating your shoot to managing camera packages, permits, and airport authorizations, we handle every detail seamlessly. Consider us your dedicated partners in turning your ideas into a visual masterpiece.

Let Your Vision Soar:

Passion drives us, and dedication defines us. We are committed to capturing moments that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Let us elevate your story, providing it with the wings it deserves. Contact us today, and let’s collaborate to create something truly amazing.

Empowering Your Vision

We meticulously gather every detail, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.

Crafting The Narrative

We are visual storytellers finding new ways to connect brands and audiences.

The Right Solution

Weaving captivating narratives, to enhance your next film or campaign.

The Team

Image of Aaron M. Kahn acting silly on set - Founder, Creative Director, and Aerial DP at AMK Films.

Aaron M. Kahn

Founder | Creative Director | Aerial DP
Meet Aaron – our AMK Films captain, creative guru, and chief pilot. He’s the guy who brings our cinematic dreams to life and adds a touch of humor to the high-flying world of drones. With an eye for detail and impeccable timing, he’s the reason our work has earned millions of views. Get ready for a journey that’s as entertaining as it is breathtaking!

Image of Hrant Grant Gulesserian, a Remote Pilot, Camera Operator, and Stills Photographer.

Hrant Grant Gulesserian

Remote Pilot | Camera Operator
Introducing Hrant, but you can call him Grant. He’s the maestro of the skies, our lead aerial camera operator. With a degree from San Diego State University and a knack for capturing captivating stills, Grant adds an artistic flair to our team. His passion for aerial cinematography and photography elevates our projects to new heights.

Jay Looby, an IATSE Local 600 Camera Operator, POV & Time-lapse Cinematographer.

Jay Looby

IATSE Local 600 Cam Op | POV & Time-lapse
Say hello to Jay! He’s not just a camera operator; he’s the master of visual storytelling. With over a decade of on-set experience and a portfolio that includes ABC, CBS, FOX, Discovery, and more, Jay is your go-to cinematographer. Whether it’s unscripted TV, commercials, feature films, or music videos, Jay’s creativity knows no bounds.

Image of Zsazsa K., Creative Director and Marketing Manager at AMK Films.

Zsazsa K.

Creative Director |Marketing | Art Director Meet Zsazsa, the creative genius driving our marketing strategies. As our Marketing Manager and Art Director, she’s the architect of art and content. With a passion for creativity that knows no bounds, Zsazsa infuses fresh ideas into our team’s creative process, making every project shine.

Donny McGuire, a seasoned Producer, UPM, and AD (Assistant Director) with two decades of experience in diverse content creation.

Donny McGuire

Producer | UPM | AD
Here’s Donny, our seasoned producer with two decades of diverse content creation under his belt. From Reality TV to Branded Content and Live Red Carpet Events, Donny’s versatility shines through. He’s the conductor who brings out the best in our crew, ensuring the success of every project he touches.

Vincent Schneider, a Technical Architect known for his tech expertise and delightful sense of humor.

Vincent Schnieder

Technical Architect
Meet Vincent, the tech wizard with a dash of humor. He’s our technical architect, responsible for keeping our computer systems in check. But that’s not all; he’s also our resident entertainer-in-chief, delighting us with his quirky shenanigans. Get ready for a blend of tech expertise and a good laugh!