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Aaron M. Kahn


Aaron M. Kahn on the set of 'Truck Night in America,' the Founder, Creative Director, and Aerial DP Drone Operator at AMK Films.

Meet Aaron M. Kahn, an award-winning filmmaker, director, and FAA Part 107 Aerial Cinematographer based in the heart of Los Angeles. His passion for capturing cinematic visuals, whether through aerial drone work or motion capture, has left its mark on the industry, with his work featured on renowned platforms like Nat Geo, Disney, and Universal.

Aaron thrives on exploring fresh ideas and turning them into reality. With over a decade of experience, he’s had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse array of professionals, from independent filmmakers to internationally acclaimed directors, cinematographers, and production companies. Known as a reliable collaborator who enhances concepts while tackling logistical challenges, Aaron brings an exceptional level of enthusiasm to every project.

Aaron is not just behind the camera; he often takes his projects from their initial concept to the final edit. His unique visual style presents familiar elements in unconventional ways, inviting viewers to see them with fresh eyes. His work is characterized by authenticity, a deep connection to humanity, and a raw and unfiltered approach. Aaron frequently takes a hands-on approach, even handling spot editing, color correction, and visual effects.

As an avid seeker of knowledge, Aaron is committed to continually refining his cinematic style and adapting it to a wide range of projects. Whether working on projects for clients or shooting with a second unit, he embraces the evolving landscape of cinema and technology. His dedication to growth and innovation drives his pursuit of new cinematic horizons.




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